Nashville is chock full of top-notch artists and craftsmen. We are pleased to include some of the best and their work in our inaugural collection of products.



David Hellams' Crappy Magic is New Hat's first collaborative Art Project Wallpaper. Carrying on the tradition of working with a conceptual artist to create an avant-garde wall covering was an important element to include in our first collection. We couldn't think of a better way to begin this series than with the delightfully crappy collection of objects that David has turned into the Crappy Magic Experience and also publishes as the Crappy Magic Magazine. To learn more about Crappy Magic, please follow this link, you won't be sorry.



Rebecca Blevins is the ceramic artist behind Blevins Ceramics. Design is forefront in her creations, extending beyond the everyday object into an elevated aesthetic. Rebecca's work is pleasing, whether arranged and stacked in the studio for a final piece or at home on the kitchen counter. Check out more of her work here.

We were over the moon when Becky agreed to collaborate with us by creating ceramic objects based on our Minerva wallpaper. The resulting Minerva Vessel and Necklace are beautiful handcrafted pieces that are all one of a kind.



Jessica Robertson does small batch, natural dyeing using indigenous plants and composted fruits and vegetables from local farms, neighbors and friends. She worked with us to create the perfect dye color for our tea towels using madder root, avocado pits + skins and iron oxide. Check out Jessica's hand dyed products here.

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ELT collective is a Nashville­ based fashion design company that specializes in all-purpose, contemporary leather handbags. Designer and Nashville native Erin Leigh Thompson believes that your handbag should be purposeful.

We were thrilled to work with Erin on creating a silk scarf tie with the intention of pairing it with her handmade leather bags. ELT Collective's handbags can be purchased here.



Grand Palace is a screen printing studio located in Nashville, TN. For the first two years of our business we have had the opportunity to collaborate with them on printing all of our custom wallpaper projects. For Collection One, they are working with us to produce Above Below, a hand painted, then screen printed wall mural that is custom fit to your space. Learn more about Grand Palace here.

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Wilder is a design shop located in Nashville, TN. They feature a constantly rotating edit showcasing the world's leading and emerging contemporary designers--in categories ranging from furniture & lighting to fragrance & apparel.  They celebrate modern design in all its articulations. Some of the beautiful furniture and objects they carry are featured in our product photos. To learn more about Wilder and go shopping, click the link below. 


ANDREA BEHRENDS - Product Photography
(A visionary photographer & human being.)

KANGAROO PRESS - Screen printing, Bookmaking, Risograph, Letterpress
(There's nothing he can't do, folks.)