The Green Pheasant


Art Installation + Pattern Design


Nashville, TN


Cold-Pressed Cotton Paper, Charcoal, Brass | Cut Steel Screens


Our work with The Green Pheasant aligns with the project’s roots in Japanese cuisine and the cultural crossovers that define international style. We took a similar hybrid approach with the art by combining traditional Japanese papercraft with contemporary materials and design. The Green Pheasant’s namesake bird inspired us to create a geometric pattern based on the folding guidelines for an origami crane, which is used for both architectural and branding elements in the restaurant.

Bird forms and papercraft are also at the heart of the sculpture installation we created above the bar. We envisioned the installation as a triangular flight path that connected the balcony, dining room, bar, and kitchen, each with its own unique view of the piece. Along the path are eight folded paper compositions that showcase the variety of volumes, angles, and shadows we achieved using paper, charcoal, and brass. The compositions convey sensations of movement, transformation, and individuality--qualities that speak to a mission The Green Pheasant and New Hat share: to make work that transcends the sum of its parts, that exists to be shared with others, and that inspires reflection and joy.


Photos by Andrea Behrends