Camo Botanico - Rouge

Camo Botanico - Rouge

from 55.00

ROLL WIDTH - 27” (trimmed)

SHEET SIZE - 27” x 36”

1 ROLL = 10 yds.

COLORWAYS - Rouge (pictured)


PATTERN MATCH - Straight across

CARE - Wipeable, strippable

MATERIAL* - Clay coated paper, Class A, ASTM E84-98 fire rated
*Commercial substrates available



Camo Botanico is a hybrid botanical pattern inspired by the irregular, camouflage-like markings found on variegated foliage of tropical plants Alocasia and Monstera Deliciosa.



The artwork shown in the third image features works of art by Amelia Briggs. She is an educator, gallerist and visual artist based in Nashville, TN. Her work has been exhibited extensively and featured in several publications and podcasts such as Native Magazine, Peachy Keen Podcast, WeHome Podcast, Maake Magazine, Uprise Art Journal and Mineral House Media, among others. We are big fans of Amelia’s work and were thrilled to see how her playfully curious “Inflatables” paired with the equally playful Camo Botanico. See more of her work here.


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